Naturally I have to begin by recommending my book The Catholic Priesthood: Biblical Foundations published by Emmaus Road Publications (November 2016)

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Below are excerpts of Scripture Courses which I taught to adults in parishes. Please see further down this page for Catholic books on Sacred Scripture by other authors.

During November-December 2016 I hope to add links to material on the Gospels, so please check back again.

Introduction to the Bible
Introduction to the Bible
Inspiration of Sacred Scripture
Inerrancy of Scripture
Scripture in the Liturgy
Liturgical Cycle of Scripture Readings

Old Testament
Brief Introduction to the Old Testament
Importance of the Old Testament
Introduction to the Psalms; Hymns of Praise; Psalm 8; Psalm 104
Reflection on Psalm 139
Different Numbering Systems of the Psalms
Holy War

New Testament
The Gospel of Mark
The brothers and sisters of Jesus
Prayer in the Gospel of Luke
Reflection on the Magnificat
Family Life

Read the Bible in one year

Below I have listed some books on Catholic interpretation of Scripture that you may find helpful

How do Catholics Interpret Sacred Scripture? The following are guidelines

The Word of the Lord: 7 Essential Principles for Catholic Scripture Study by Dr. Steven C. Smith is a distillation of the various ecclesial documents giving guidelines for interpreting Scripture.

The following are among the important Church documents to consider
Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraphs 101-141
Dei Verbum
The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church
Verbum Domini

The following books contain brief introductions to each book of the Bible

Inside the Bible: An Introduction to Each Book of the Bible by Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J.
You Can Understand The Bible: A Practical And Illuminating Guide To Each Book In The Bible by Peter Kreeft
Guide to the Bible by Antonio Fuentes

The Navarre Bible commentary by the Faculty of the University of Navarre is a series of Catholic commentaries on the entire Bible

The Navarre Bible: Pentateuch (The Navarre Bible: Old Testament)
The Navarre Bible: Joshua to Kings (The Navarre Bible: Old Testament)
The Navarre Bible: Chronicles to Maccabees (The Navarre Bible: Old Testament)
The Navarre Bible: The Psalms and The Song of Solomon (The Navarre Bible: Old Testament)
The Navarre Bible: Wisdom Books (The Navarre Bible: Old Testament)
The Navarre Bible: Major Prophets (The Navarre Bible: Old Testament)
Navarre Bible Minor Prophets
The Navarre Bible: Gospels & Acts (The Navarre Bible: New Testament)
The Navarre Bible: The Letters of Saint Paul (The Navarre Bible: New Testament)
Navarre Bible: Revelation and Hebrews and Catholic Letters

On the Gospel of Matthew I find the series of commentaries by Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis very helpful

Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word: Meditations on the Gospel According to Saint Matthew: Vol. 1 on Matthew 1-11
Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word: Meditations on the Gospel According to Saint Matthew: Vol. 2 on Matthew 12-18
Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word - Vol. 3

The following are a variety of Scripture commentaries

Jesus of Nazareth: From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration by Pope Benedict XVI
Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week: From the Entrance Into Jerusalem To The Resurrection by Pope Benedict XVI
The Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture is a new series of Catholic commentaries.
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: New Testament contains commentary notes on the New Testament
A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture is a digital commentary on the entire Bible.
Reading the Old Testament: An Introduction is an introduction by Fr. Lawrence Boadt C.S.P.
I have used Introduction to the Prophets: Their Stories, Sayings, and Scrolls as the textbook for a course on the Prophets

Catholic Apologetics

Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on "Romanism" by "Bible Christians" by Karl Keating
Where Is That In the Bible? by Patrick Madrid
Transformed by Grace: Scripture, Sacraments and the Sonship of Christ by Dom Wulstan Mork
Sacraments in Scripture by Tim Gray
Unabridged Christianity: Biblical Answers to Common Questions About the Roman Catholic Faith by Mario P. Romero