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This is Year C of the liturgical year.

For the benefit of those who may not be familiar with the liturgical year and what I mean by Year A, Year B, and Year C, I offer a brief explanation here. Sunday Mass readings are in a three year cycle which means when you hear a reading you will not hear that reading again for three years unless it is a special celebration which has the same reading every year. For convenience, we normally call this cycle Year A, Year B and Year C. I have kept the special celebrations in a separate page Years ABC.

Our liturgical year has seasons. The liturgical year commences with the Season of Advent when you see the priest wearing violet vestments. Following that, during the Christmas Season you see the priest wearing white vestments. Next, Ordinary Time (34 weeks) begins when the priest wears green vestments. Ordinary Time is interrupted by Lent when the priest wears violet vestments and followed by Easter when the priest wears white vestments. Ordinary Time (green vestments) resumes again following the Easter Season and continues until Advent when the liturgical year begins again. The last Sunday of the liturgical year is Christ the King.

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