Advent and Christmas Resources

Here you can listen to excerpts of Advent prayer and Christmas prayer. It was recorded on CD and entitled Come, Let us Adore Him! The CD is no longer available but you can listen to samples below. When the prayer begins, in order to reduce distractions, I invite you to close your eyes and keep your back upright and both legs on the ground! Don't just listen, please pray with me! I hope these help. Sample some of this relaxing prayer now. These Bible meditations are examples of the biblical prayer I used to lead each week during the Scripture Courses I taught in Ireland before coming to minister in the USA. I share them with you in the online meditations below in the hope that they will make your Advent celebration more meaningful.

CD cover of  Come, Let us Adore Him! mp3 SAMPLES FOR LISTENING
(lower quality for 56k modems)

Advent: Our Need of God mp3

Advent: God's Desire for Us mp3

The Annunciation mp3

Jesus is Born mp3

Baby Jesus surrounded by the animals mp3

Baby Jesus, the Wise Men and Herod mp3

This CD is no longer available.
You can listen to more samples of prayer in Praying the Bible

See more Resources for Advent and Christmas in A Holy Christmas by Charlene Fairchild. Also see the stories for Advent and stories for Christmas in my page of stories.

Come, Let us Adore Him in Polish

Unfortunately Come, Let us Adore Him is sold out in English but during 2002 it was translated into Polish and recorded by Radio Plus in Lódź, Poland and is now on sale in shops in Poland. Its title in Polish is Biblia w Medytacji. A sample was played at all Masses in the Cathedral in Lódź on the first Sunday of Advent 2002. It may be purchased online at